A Brief on Uzairue Kingdom

The Origin

The origin of Uzairue is from Ikpe community along Sakpomba road, Benin city.
Oral and written records indicate that during the reign of Oba Ozolua of Benin Kingdom, there was great strife and tribulation in the land that resulted in great movement of people out of Benin Kingdom to far away places to seek refuge and peaceful existence between 1481 and 1485. This period coincided with the presence in Benin of the Portuguese explorers. Oba Ozolua was not particularly a difficult and hard king but he fought every bit of rebellion to keep his kingdom free from crisis. However, this led to migration of people from Benin Kingdom to various parts of the land, now the present Edo State.
Between 1481 – 1485 Uzairue and his brothers who fled Benin Kingdom, moved a great distance through the dense rainforest to settle at Utukwegba, in Jattu Ikpe.

Uzairue’s brothers were Ekperi, Aviahwu, Weppa-wano Owan Iseyue, Ibie e.t.c.

Usomhi Aviahwu, Ogwa Epfha, Ogwa Iseyue Owan and Ogwa Ekphe e.t.c indicating their different settlements at Ikpe Jattu Uzairue. Their different settlement in Jattu Uzairue, now our present day farm land till date.

Uzairue kingdom is located in the heart of Edo North, on plateau in Edo state. Nigeria. It’s has population of over two hundred thousand people and investors friendly. We are accommodating, hospitable and peace loving people.

The Clans

The Uzairue clan is made up of Ikpe(Jattu) Afashio, Idatto, Ikabigbo, Ugbenor, Irekpai, Ayogwiri, Apana, Afowa, Iyora, Imeke, Iyamoh, Elele, Ogbido, Ikholo, Uluoke, Iyuku, Ayua and Ayaoghena.

Uzairue’s brothers were Ekperi, Aviahwu, Weppa-wano Owan Iseyue, Ibie e.t.c.

Mineral resources

Uzairue kingdom is blessed with a lots of mineral resources e.g granite, lime stone, kaolin, fesper, these are used by construction firms and manufacturing companies. Also our uzairue market is second to none, is the second largest in Edo state, where commodities are very cheap at affordable prices, and our land are fertile for agricultural purposes. Now home to investors, because of it’s strategical position in Edo North.