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SECURITY IN AFEMAI LAND! An Urgent Need for Action.

The Issue of Security of Lives and Property in Afenmai Land in my mind is a matter of Urgent Public Importance.

Prior to the advent of Coronavirus we were already being almost overwhelmed by the activities of marauding Kidnappers and Armed Robbers being largely orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen and some other of our misguided Edo Citizens inclusive of Afenmai People.

Now the Security situation has been exacerbated by the advent of Covid-19.

Of course if we were to be dealing with Security Breach being orchestrated by our People then we would have to look at issues of empowerment and eradication of poverty. However in the case of high profile Criminality being perpetrated by Fulani Herdsmen who are raping, maiming and hostage taking for Ransom then we have to examine the need for a new Security Architecture for Afenmai Land which I suggest should be a combination of Local Vigillantes who must be armed, working in collaboration with the Army, Police and Civil Defence Personnel. These Collectives should be properly equipped and financially motivated to deliver on their mandate of providing Security for our people.

Policing of our Borders and vast Forests should be of priority in articulating a new and robust Security Architecture for Afenmai Land.

These marauders have so terrorized our people that they are now reluctant to go to the Farm and your guess is as good as mine as to the Hunger Consequences thereof. Even traveling on our Highways in Afenmai Land is nowadays done with a lot of trepidation.

Added to the already high wired Security challenge is the advent of Covid-19 which has the potential to decimate our Climes if not curtailed and fought fiercely.
There is the need for adequate awareness to be created about this Unseen Enemy. Largely our people still do not fully grasp the danger posed by this Virus. Ongoing transportation of persons of questionable intentions from the Northern Part of Nigeria to our Land with most of them certified Covid-19 Positive is a matter of urgent concern to all and sundry.
More than ever before vigilance should be at the highest Level to curtail the influx of these People that are being spread around as if they are mercenaries.

These are some of my initial thoughts on the issue for consideration.

By Hon. Paschal Ogbomhe

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