A Brief on Okpe Kingdom

Okpe Kingdom is an agrarian community with undulating landscape green vegetation, fertile land, hills, mountains and in stock of mineral deposits like Limestone, Gem, Aqua Marine, Granite, Gold etc. it is a clan comprises of Oloma, Ogbalishe, Aiyeteju and Ijaja communities and has borders with Igarra, Ogbe, Idogun (Ondo State), Imeri (Ondo State) and in Otuo in Owan East LGA.


“Etta” meaning father of all or King is the name given to Okpe Kings. They rule and govern the community with authority, whatever they say is final. That is why he is called “Aigbaunu”. The various chiefs in each quarter assist the King in the day to day running of the community.

After the demise of Olope other Ettas ruled Okpe Kingdom based on seniority, they include:

  • Iyagba of Imiaye
  • Okeni of Ujomo
  • Olasa of Oduma
  • Oje of Efamire
  • Obida of Igirimi
  • Abogunja of Iyera
  • Amogu of Ujomo
  • Aleno of Imiokpella
  • Akonokpe of Imiobo
  • Odudu of Okporoshi
  • Ogburu of Oduma
  • Onumu of Imiaye

It was during the reign of Onumu, the kingship became fixed, story had it that Idogu I of magician, business man assisted the community financially during a time of famine and the community couldn’t pay back the debt instead gather soil, place it in an ornament called “OPA” and gave him as payment. It was the wise council of his wife that made him to accept the soil and he later got to know that the soil Okpe people gave him means the whole kingdom now belong to him.

That was how the Idogu dynasty began in 1697 as hereditary from father to son (Progenitor). He created 10 title chiefs from across the community drawn from his age group to assist him in the administration of the community. The Kings who ruled from the Idogu dynasty includes:

  • Idogu I
  • Ilegbesu
  • Ukogo
  • Ademokhai
  • Erimifani
  • Ojiefo
  • Idienumah
  • Eshimokhai
  • Okhishemede till date.


Okpe claims it’s originfrom Ile-Ife, the people are said to be brought by two brothers namely Ajama and Olope. Both had a crown from Ile-Ife and settled in a place called “Agbagba” from where they descended to the present site (Ikika) in 1922. History has it that Ajama left with some persons to settle elsewhere while Olope remained in “Agbagba” fought many inter-tribal wars and was never defeated before he migrated to Ove, Ikarodi etc. before they settled at the present site.


Okpe men are great hunters, farmers while their women folks weave clothes during their past time.


There are many festivals; ceremonies observed by the Okpe people, they include:

  • New yam festival
  • Evaremi
  • Ohe
  • Okara etc.