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H.R.H. (Alh) D.Y.E. Kanoba

H.R.H. (Alh) D.Y.E. Kanoba

The Egiegbai II of Ekperi Kingdom

            H.R.H. (Alh) D.Y.E. Kanoba. The Egiegbai II of Ekperi Kingdom, was born on the 28th day of August, 1958 into the Royal Family of H.R.H. (Alh) M.Y. Kanoba, the Egiegbai 1st of Ekperi Kingdom, by noless a mother than Hajia Hajaratu Etsenimhe Kanoba.

He had his primary education at all Saint Primary School now Abebe Primary school, Ugbekpe – Ekperi from 1971 to 1976. After obtaining his first school leaving certificate from Abebe primary school in 1976 he proceeded to the school of Arabic studies Kano from 1976 to 1981where he prepared himself for the unknown journey of life.

After graduating with flying colors from the Kano school of Arabic studies in 1981, he travelled out of Nigeria to the Kingdom os Saudi Arabia where he later established himself as a real Islamic scholar that he is today.

Based on his impeceable track records coupled with his resourcefulness, high level of transparency and accountability, his parents, H.R.H. (Alh) M.Y. Kanoba and Hajia Hajaratu Etsenimhe Kanoba put their heads together and decided to recall him back home from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enable him understudy his father and to learn more of Ekperi culture and tradition.

Having acquired all the necessary traditional wherewithal, it became crystal clear that H.R.H. (Alh) D.Y.E. Kanoba’s destination would be no were else than the throne of Ekperi Kingdom, so, on Febrary 14th 1992 he was given the staff of office to occupy the throne of his forefathers: thus becoming the Egiegbai II of Ekperi Land; no doubt, a brilliant and renowned Islamic scholar, a visionary leader, a distinguish Islamist and Dynamic administrator. These qualities singled him out of the crown at each point in time.

In 2003, the Edo State Government honored him with the justice of peace medal in recognition of his excellent, distinctive and outstanding performance which were clearly evident in the way and manner in which he handled the affairs of his communities.


Ekperi is one the thirteen clans that make up Etsako Land in Edo State of Nigeria. Ekperi occupy settlement dispersed over 400 square miles West of the River Niger in the Southeastern corner of Estako Land. They are located in Etsako Central Local Government area of Edo State.


Ekperi is made up of 18 communities which are

  1. Ugbekpe – Ekperi (the headquarter)
  2. Azukhela – Ekperi
  3. Ivianake – Ekperi
  4. Okpiemhi – Ekperi
  5. Odame – Ekperi
  6. Ogachi – Ekperi
  7. Ogabgo Ekperi
  8. Okpenado – Ekperi
  9. Ofukpo – Ekperi
  10. Agbabu – Ekperi
  11. Utusko – Ekperi
  12. Osomheghe – Ekperi
  13. Udaba – Ekperi
  14. Oghoenere – Ekperi
  15. Iguji – Ekperi
  16. Yelwa – Ekperi
  17. Unedobe – Ekperi
  18. Iisawele – Ekperi


It is believed that the Ekperi people migrated from Benin in the early sixteenth century during the Benin civil war. Local histories further suggested that they and their neighbouring Uzairue, Avianwu and Weppa – Wanno descended from a common Edo ancesyors, Okuku (Bradbury 1957:103). Located along the river Niger, the people of Ekperi are mostly farmers and fishermen. They grow crops like rice, cassava, maize and yam.

Ekperi has zip code 312108. Ugbekpe, the headquarter is at longitude 6.43867 and latitude 7.02675 and the land inhabited by the component is forested.