Albert Igbafe

Albert Igbafe Afegbai

ACP Albert Igbafe Afegbai was born circa 1968 to the prominent Afegbai family of Ihievbe.After his primary and secondary Education,he got his Bsc in Sociology from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma,Edo State. He is a refined, intelligent, hardworking police officer whose humble attitude stands him out among his peers, which endear him to good spirited people.
Where ACP Afegbai first distinguished himself was when he was the first officer to command PMF 56 Ogoni in Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State in 2009, when the squadron was newly created. In his 14 months period as the new squadron commander of PMF 56, he built a Base and a barrack through goodwill from the public. No police money was involved. Afegbai has distinguished himself wherever he had worked. He probably learnt good conduct perfect policing and hard work from the current IGP when he worked in INTERPORL as a junior officer, while the IGP was a senior officer in INTERPOL.

Also in 2011, he was Commander Special Protection Unit (SPU), Yola, where he renovated a dilapidated office to a befitting, standard office, equipped it and fenced it. It is also interesting to know that ACP Afegbai and his wife provided for the needs of certain widows in Yola. They also paid school fees for some “stranded” students in Yola.
Later, he became Deputy Head at Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS task force, where he also distinguishes himself through increase in revenue generation. Instead of the usual style of arresting tax defaulters, Igbafe was able to convince them and their compliance resulted to the increase in tax payments, the highest recorded ever by FIRS.

Afegbai is currently Squadron Commander of Mopol 21, Nyanya, Abuja. He is one of those making the IGP proud through good public relations, and dedication to duty. Before he assumed office as the Commander of 21 (Police Mobile Force) PMF, the Nyanya community had dragged the police to court for blocking the only good and accessible road in their vicinity, during the tenure of ACP Afegbai’s predecessor. The blockade had caused many residents serious pains and untold hardships. Many pregnant women suffered untold hardships by using obscure routes.
As soon as ACP Afegbai assumed duties on April 26, the police station started wearing a new look. He also reached out to the community to cooperate with his command in order to curb criminality. As a first step of community policing which is one of the IGP’s cardinal points, ACP Afegbai assured the residents of opening the access road after the fencing of the Base is done. He has embarked on renovation of the Squadron Base.

The tables and plastic chairs have been replaced with executive chairs and tables. He also within the short period of assumption as commander installed a new 30KVA generator bought by one of his friends to provide constant power supply for effective policing. The obsolete one couldn’t carry any equipment and Afegbai has embarked on repairs of the vehicles which had been grounded and abandoned for years.

He has also embarked on total renovation of the base. The actions of ACP Afegbai have endeared him to the residents who have started singing his praises. One of the residents, Johnson Effiong, assured that the community is very willing to cooperate maximally with him to curb criminality and will resist any attempt by the police authority to transfer him out of Nyanya. “This is the first time we are having a commander that has the community at heart. We are proud of him. We will cooperate with him to succeed in fighting criminality.”

Another surprising thing is that the orientation of the mobile policemen at the Base has changed. They are now very polite and friendly and always willing to offer assistance to the public.